Stroke Pad

Nominated one of the top five senior projects for Spring 2017

A new keyboard design that emphasizes the pictorial origins of traditional Chinese writing and addresses the limitations of standard word-processing technologies.

Racial Formation and Online Dating: Exploring Online Dating as a Racial Project

An essay exploring the impact of online dating through the framework of Michael Omi and Howard Winant’s racial formation theory. It offers examples of how racial identity representations shape user interactions and interpersonal relationships the occur online.

Grow Together

In collaboration with Courtney Alexander, Myles Bolden, Muhammed Mufumbiro, and Michael Unruh, Fall 2016

A mock social media campaign for Apple that markets for the future of the company. The basis of the campaign celebrates the Millennial audience and their relationship with the Apple brand throughout the years.

Male and Female Differences in Social Capital and Social Network Transitivity Among Athletes at UT Dallas

In collaboration with Macaire Ament, Andrew Lewis, Jason Nguyen, Ryan Tyler, and Chandler Wilson, Spring 2016

A social scientific research project that investigates how social capital and social network transitivity impacts student athletes through surveying UT Dallas soccer teams and analyzing the teams as social networks.

Educationally/Improved? An Evaluation of Educational Programming for Children

In collaboration with Chandler Wilson and Matthew Zimmer, Spring 2016

A┬áreport detailing content analyses performed for two educational and informational children’s programs, Clangers and Cyberchase, and applying them to a theoretical framework of the effects of children’s television on cognitive development.