Hello, everyone! People often say, you never know until you try, so bear with me on this…

A couple weeks ago, I filled up the last pages of my previous journal, so I cracked open the gray Leuchtturm1917 journal that my cousin got me for my eighteenth birthday. Starting a new journal is a transition, literally, and I like to make changes for myself mentally as well. I skimmed back on the past eight or so months in my old journal, and I realized that those pages were filled with so much anger and sadness and hopelessness. I ended up using it mostly just for rants, for the moments my time bomb went off. I only recorded these awful feelings, which will only remind me of the awful memories that came with them.

With my new journal (also because it’s just so beautiful), I wanted to work on my quality of journaling. It became a periodic stress-reliever, but one without the elements of consistency and/or lasting self-improvement, which I personally feel are the biggest purposes of daily journaling and reflection. I decided that I will start being kinder (for one, lessen the cursing a bit…) to myself and more patient with others by making the things I see as important to life more present in mine. Rants are necessary every once in a while, but anger is rarely permanent, and life is constantly changing.

I wanted to share something that I’ve decided to start doing called weekly visual recaps. I was inspired by the blogger and artist, Mimi Chao, who has been creating “Weekly Illos” for a weekly illustration challenge on her blog. Obviously, her version is softer, cuter, and just more amaze, but I wanted to try my hand at something like this.

In my Leuchtturm, I plan to continue journaling (I’m boring…just blocks of text), but at the end of every week — ideally Sunday nights, as a Monday through Sunday week fits my lifestyle better — I’ll do a visual recap on a two-page spread. Here’s this past week’s recap.

Visual Recap No. 1

It probably would’ve¬†looked better if I’d chosen an unlined journal to do this with, but I quite like this setup. I haven’t yet decided if I should blog about it every week because, although they are personal, I’d still like to share them. (A blog post on every single week of my life sounds inherently boring, so it’s likely that I’ll only blog about the most interesting/eventful ones.)

Lately, I’ve been trying to incorporate the things I’m passionate about into my daily life. These things make me smile, and I want to learn how to smile more especially when there’s no particular reason to. I hope that this sort of inspires you to do the same within your lives. Honestly, it’s the little things that go the farthest, I think!

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